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Jo’s Hand Tied Brooms (Prairie Brooms)

Contact Joann Nietfeld for prices and sizes.

Prairie Brooms on Display

Jo's Hand Tied Brooms

Ornament Brooms

jo's Hand ties brooms

Brooms can be tied to your handles, wood or iron.

Brooms tied to iron handles

Fireplace tool set broom

Sam's Fireplace Broom

Brooms on Tree

Wedding Broom

Wedding Broom

Hearth Brooms typically 28 to 30” long typically $25.00

Hearth Brooms

Turkey Wing Broom typically 11” long typically $15.00

Turkey Wing Broom

Spider Web Removing Brooms typically 55 to 65” long typically $25.00

Spider Web Removing Brooms

Nebraska Hearth Brooms, Go Big Red, approx. 29” long $30.00

Nebraska Hearth Brooms

Deer Antler Broom $45.00

Deer Antler Broom

Red Bead Turkey Wisk Broom $20.00

Red Bead Turkey Wisk Broom

Small Kitchen Broom approx. 48” $45.00

Small Kitchen Broom

Small Broom on Table

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