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Student Forges for use with Coal

Side Draft Hoods and Brick Topped Forging Tables

Designed by Dick Nietfled, Blacksmith Class Instructor

Hoods are 14 gauge Stainless Steel. All chimneys are 14 inch pipe.

Fronts of hoods are plumb above the hood side of firepot.

--These hoods do not have, nor need, smoke shelves—

Style #1 with removable draft side shields

All brick topped tables are 32” high, 34” wide, and 54” long

Style #1 Room for coal on all 4 sides of the firepot

Hood opening size: 16” high, 10” wide

Style #2

The top of all firepots are flush with table surface

Style #2 Room for coal on all 4 sides of the firepot

Style #2

Hood Opening Size: 16” High, 10” Wide @ Back, 15” Wide @ Front

Style #2 on old Railroad Forge

Style #2 on old Buffalo Forge

Sliding Air Gate Configuration on Fan Blown Forge

The 3 Handles on a Fan Blown Forge

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